Discipline & Expression

I used to be a great writer. I still have the potential to be, but at the present I am not the writer I used to be. Just as I begin on this journey to rediscover the poet I once was, I came across this blog today that suggested that writing is a practiced discipline more than a passion.

As I ponder this, I’ve come to realize how true this is in my own writing patterns (or lack of). All along I thought I had lost my passion or inspiration to write, and I have since longed to get that back. But I never lost the passion or the desire. I might have lost inspiration, but now that I come to think of it I didn’t look that hard to find it. But I stopped disciplining myself. While I was still interested in writing, I was no longer committed to it.

I find this pattern to be true in many areas of my life, thus I have committed to a new journey in which I call my Creative Revival. I am training myself to be disciplined both spiritually and physically, however I am also training myself to be disciplined expressively. Healthy expression is something I have done too little of since becoming a perfectionist. Instead of hiding them with the fear of being vulnerable, I want to embrace my imperfections and my weaknesses. After all, my imperfections are what make me human.

One of my favorite artists weaved these words into her art journal:

To be afraid and leap regardless–there is such power in that. To live into the questions of our lives when nothing feels clear. We have this chance to do absolutely anything, to reach out to another, vulnerable and true. To dance on the roof in euphoria. We have this chance every moment to be alive and give to this world, which needs each one of us. We must show up for our own life.

Be brave. 
Be messy. 
Be loud. 
Be strong. 
Trust Yourself.  

[Sabrina Ward Harrison]


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