My Singleness Top 10

I have been compiling a document over the past few months of things I want to do, study and accomplish before I get married. I have finally perfected it–so with great excitement I am publishing a pre-marriage bucket list that I’m calling my “Singleness Top 10”!

Relearn how to pray: I have the desire to make passionate prayer a central part of my lifestyle. I want to learn how to be in communion with God daily through a bold, genuine, completely humble and Christ centered dialogue that is woven into each of my relationships. I want my prayer life to be transformed from something I do ritually before meals and before bed, to a way that I confidently invite God into every area of my life to use me and pour himself out through me.

[Update: Thank you Phileena Heuertz for introducing me to the practice of contemplative prayer during your time at HSU and your book Pilgrimage of the Soul. Contemplative prayer and meditation has been a breath of fresh air to redeem a lifeless prayer life to a new communion with God.]

Study biblical womanhood: I love the fact that I am a woman. And I am fascinated by the many perspectives there are of what femininity and womanhood are supposed to look like. There are many radical ideas out there about womanhood–and I by no means want to attempt to define it or put boundaries on it. But what I do want to do is become confident in who I am as a woman before I commit to being one man’s life partner. I need to understand me as a woman if I want anyone else to understand me as a woman. I feel like the Bible is a good starting point.

[Update: As I have been studying womanhood over the past several month, I have always been exposed to many women’s issues that have sparked my interest. As I learn more about the women of the Bible and the historical background of this time period, it has also been brought to my attention that the Bible has been used for centuries as a source to support the oppression of women all over the world, yes even in the United States–especially in the United States. So in addition to studying womanhood, I will use what I have learned to help overcome the injustices of women, because the oppression of women I am confident is NOT biblical.]

Read the entire Bible: One book at a time. It’s something I have always wanted to do. I think this goal will enhance some of the other goals on this list and open my eyes to the scriptures in a new and refreshing way.

Disciple young women: My freshman and sophomore years of high school were probably the most critical years of spiritual development for me, thanks to the many mentors I had in my life that discipled me, poured into me, and who were incredible role models. I want to be an influence in young girls lives and show them how to find their identity in Christ. I want to help them break the chains of religious suppression and help them find freedom in Christ. I want to inspire them to have an appreciation for the anticipation of sacred waiting.

Go on a mission trip: I feel like it’s necessary that I spend some time out of my comfortable middle-class American life to experience the reality of the heartbreaking poverty around the world. I have never been out of a country and think it would be a good experience to travel a bit and see with my own eyes what’s happening out there.

Develop a thorough understanding of personal financial responsibility: I am not financially irresponsible by any means, nor am I a big spender. However, I have never been financially independent. I have never had a credit card, I don’t understand the concept of a credit score, I’m not sure if I really know what the word mortgage means… Lucky for me, my father is an excellent example when it comes to this. He has passed on many Dave Ramsey resources to me and I plan to go through them and become more knowledgeable about the responsibilities that come along with financial independence.

[Update: I have completed a Dave Ramsey “Foundations of Personal Finances – College Edition” course! I feel slightly more ready to conquer independence.]

Become a runner: I don’t want to underestimate myself, but I also want to be realistic with this goal. I would like to become confident in myself and my fitness to where I can run with others without being so self-conscious about being “slow” or “out of shape”. I can run a mile if I really decided I wanted to and put my mind to it. I could run 2 if someone was behind me threatening me to the finish. 3 miles? There’s no way. Not right now anyways. I’d like to successfully RUN (not walk) a 5k. Maybe one of these days I could work up to a half marathon–but since I’m trying to be keep these realistic I’m going to stick with the 5k :).

[Update: Errr, can I change this to “Become a biker”?]

Stop biting my fingernails: I’ve tried this time and time again, and have almost been successful at breaking this habit once or twice. But seriously–this has got to stop. Breaking a bad habit, such as this one, requires some intense discipline of the mind and body. I would like to challenge myself because I’d like to become disciplined enough to finally conquer this nasty habit. Especially by the time I have a diamond ring to show off!

[Update: no progress in this department… seriously? Discipline, Morgan, discipline!]

Learn how to sew and crochet: Maybe I’m a little old fashioned or maybe it’s the inner artist in me, but I have always wanted to learn how to sew and use a sewing machine. I love quilts and am fascinated by the art of quilting (my grandmother makes beautiful quilts). So yeah, quilting is a little extreme since I don’t know yet how to sew on a button. But that’s why this is on my list–I want to learn the basics: sew on a button, hem the bottom of my pants…and whatever else is considered sewing basics. Eventually I’d like to do the whole quilting thing. My grandmother also crochets caps or “beanies” for newborn babies at the local hospital. I’ve watch her crochet many caps over the past year and am fascinated by that too. I’d love to be able to crochet scarves, hats, and whatever else there is to crochet. (I know what you’re thinking–like I’ll have time to do all this in the midst of my eventual career. Well that’s why I want to learn now! I could use a new hobby in all my spare time. hah.)

Learn Spanish: I wish I would have built on my 3 years of high school Spanish after I finished my requirements, but I didn’t. I now have forgotten almost everything. But I would love to learn Spanish well enough to have conversations with the Spanish-speaking community. Having Spanish as a second language would also benefit me in the career I want to pursue (student athlete development in college athletics), as well as aid in more effective communication for future travel or missions to Spanish-speaking nations.

What is something you would like to do or accomplish before you get married? 


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